Getting a 20 Million Dollar Listing--here's how - Ben Bacal


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While I was setting up this interview my guest Ben Bacal was reviewing offers on a 50M+ deal.

I wanted to know was how does a person get into the circles of people that own 20M or 50M dollar home. How do you identify a group like this in your market--how to infiltrate for lack of a better word and then start doing business with these guys even though you are outclassed and outgunned. You show up in a honda accord while everyone else is rolling up in Ferraris.

Today's guest shares how he started off wanting to be a film director and instead took the skills and aesthetic he learned in film school and applied them to real estate. And how some basic camera skills and a love for connecting people helped him land a 20Million dollar listing.

We go over some of the scripts and methods he used to build a world-class database and a 100Million dollar business.

We talk about how he tackles social media when dealing with celebrities and why the higher up you go in the socio-economic environment the more authentic we all need to be.

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