Overcoming limiting beliefs that keep you ....Rohan attravanam


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Needless to say this is a crazy market--- the stock market is back into the 29000 territory---millions of people out of work--record low rates and there are almost no houses out there to sell---inventory is super low---------for a lot of people listening they would like to take advantage of market dynamics and many of us will but, for the vast majority of people---they will not take advantage of either the market or their skills for one reason. The reason people will not take advantage of the opportunities in front of them is that we all have limiting beliefs--for one person it might take the form of “I dont have money”, I dont have the right experience or connections or it might sound like “im too old” or “Im not good with technology” or whatever-----This “reason” will take many forms but, as I coach entrepreneurs of all stripes, ages, income and ability----we all have some sort of limiting beliefs that hold us back.

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