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Winning in todays environment has become guerilla warfare. It's more about moving from tactical position to tactical position instead of setting one single annual strategy.

The world is moving so fast that we must set our sights on shorter-term wins instead of accomplishing long term goals. We must do this simply because we are unable to predict what the environment will look like 45 days from now.

Todays guest went from a multimillion-dollar house to broke and then earned it back twice-over. He shares how he had to retrain his mindset to get more aligned with his values.

We talk about how living our life within the bounds of our values will equal making tons of cash. Sometimes it's not the market dictating whether we are winning or losing but, how we interpret the data. Being first is often a sign of being in touch within your value system.

Before we get to the episode right now a lot of us are thinking about how we are going to adapt to today's environment. There is a disconnect between the media reporting 30M jobless and the temperature in the other parts fo the market—specifically wall street.

Wall Street panicked and now is indicating healthier levels than at the beginning of this. I don’t know what this new environment portends for how we live or how we work but, one thing is certain and that is that we must adapt.

One suggestion I would make to everyone listening is to that right now I would encourage you to call every person in your phone and ask them two questions.

  1. How are they doing? Really doing and
  2. What you can do for them

If you can find just one thing you can do for someone in your phone each day---I promise you will get a feeling for where the market is going.

I would also suggest that you focus on getting as virtual as you possibly can. The businesses/agents that can harness the power of virtuality will win not only in this coronavirus climate but, in the future.

Real estate has not yet been disintermediated by technology but, this coronavirus is going to create a new reality in how houses are shown, sold and listed. The businesses that can quickly adapt and create systems and processes and move their business online are the ones best suited to win in 2020 and beyond.

The best and fastest way to get virtual is to join a brokerage that provides all the tools, systems and processes that are already created and in the cloud. It’s a main driver why I joined exp and am actively building an inner circle of people that want to be the top producers. If you want to build a bigger, stronger business and join my inner circle at exp realty. Send me a text---my direct cell phone is 619310823 yep that’s my actual phone number 619310823

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