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What happens when you mix together a washed up musician, two ginger heartthrobs, an ethnically ambiguous business-type person, a greek fella and a golf course landscaper? You get a group of bros who will stop at literally nothing to get Internet famous. Now, we would like to tell you that we do it for “The Love of the Game” or because it’s been a “Life-Long Dream of Ours” but that would be a lie because YouTube isn’t that old and we are all subpar athletes. But, we are crazy passionate about our love for entertaining the masses and translating our crazy, wacky and mildly offensive thoughts onto the medium of film, well actually audio/visual data in a binary format. Yeah, that made us sound smart as balls. Super Bro Time is more than your grandpappy’s webcam collection; it is a library of Shorts, Video Podcasts, and other types of unique online entertainment all under one roof. No cliché will be safe and no topic will be left out, other than those that will get us sued or that we are horribly ignorant about.Check back often for the best stuff we can make with our crappy old equipment and limited knowledge of editing software. Boom…Super Bro Time. It's a Show...

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