Doctors and Nurses are DYING! They are at WAR with No GUNS (PPE) to fight back! Thanks to the WarTime FAKE PRESIDENT TRUMP!


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Doctors and nurses are dying because they don't have protective equipment. Donald Trump calls himself the wartime president and does nothing to protect the nurses and doctors and he is a fake baby bone spur. Also, the ventilators aren't being sent to where they need to go because trump is vindictive and is playing favoritism with people's lives, they are hoarding them in the stockpile of the government also. Doctors and nurses are at War, Donald J Trump is not at War he sits at home and plays golf and goes to rallies. Trump is allowing AMERICANS to die, that is Murder. Nurses are on TV, YouTube, and Facebook begging people to stay home, they are crying and begging you to stay home! But religious people aren't listening to them and neither is FAKE Fox News or trump! Nurses are quitting their jobs because they don't have protective equipment to protect themselves and they have loved ones at home they must protect so they quit and I don't blame them for quitting. Donald Trump is playing favoritism and getting people killed. He is not a president he's a buffoon. Donald Trump is an illegal president he got in by cheating! The Mueller report was real Republicans didn't read! Donald J Trump says 240,000could dead but he did a good job……. yes, murdering people he did do that!

Why does China only have.....3,331 deaths ....and We're supposed to end up in the hundreds of thousands of Americans dead! We are at .......10,937 DEAD... today and he did a good job of doing nothing!
Mitt Romney is the baby that was crying about having to turn on trump it hard to keep the babies apart! My BAD!

  • New Death total for the US is 61,656 wed April 29, 2020
  • New death total for the US is 112,128 sun, JUN 7, 2020

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