S5E71 - The Greatest Scorsese Movie Ever!!


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Episode Notes

Episode 71 is here and the guys review "The Irishman" the latest movie from Martin Scorsese, also in the Main Event the guys Rank their Top 5 Scorsese Movies, will the Irishman make the list? Tune in and find out. Also the guys bring you the latest Pop Culture News and the latest outrageous and weird news in our Signature What the Hell is That Segment. Then the guys Review the 1999 Cult Classic "Virus", and Steven sits down with Thomas G. Waites (The Thing 1982, The Warriors) from Super Mega Fest, all that and so much more in this gigantic episode.

Segment Times:

Upcoming Events/Announcements: 3:56 - 8:47 Pop Culture News: 9:28 - 30:16 Trailer Talk: 31:01 - 35:51 Current Movie Review: 35:52 - 46:25 Throwback Movie Review - Virus (1999): 46:50 - 54:27 Interview with Thomas G Waites from SuperMegaFest: 55:07 - 59:46 What the Hell is That: 1:00:18 - 1:03:43 Top 5 Martin Scorsese Films/Close Show: 1:05:46 - 1:27:52

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