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This week Superhero Slate has got your release date for WandaVision, the Umbrella Academy gets a third season, get ready for a new Justice League trailer, and more!

Quaranstream: Xbox Series X - Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Borderlands 3, & Fortnite; Playstation - Spider-Man: Miles Morales; Wayne, Inside Pixar, & Star Wars - The Clone Wars update from MikeNews

  • Justice League (29:35)
    • Zack Snyder’s reshoots adding 4-5 minutes of footage
      • 4 hour film overall
    • Jared Leto to return as the Joker in a “road-weary” design
    • Possibly new trailer on November 17
  • Wonder Woman 84 (33:44)
    • Variety reports studio execs debating between new debut date (Summer 2021)
    • or moving to HBO Max in January (after Christmas theatrical release)
  • WandaVision (36:40)
    • January 15 on Disney+
      • Friday releases
    • Gives ‘holiday break’ and room for Soul to get viewers
      • Subscription month
  • Hawkeye (39:55)
    • Speculation increases for Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop
    • Rumor that Hawkeye loses hearing during series
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (41:15)
    • Adds Chris Pratt as Star-Lord
      • Last seen with Guardians of the Galaxy
    • Vin Diesel headed to Australia, Groot in film?
  • Black Panther 2 (44:00)
    • Film will not use digital double of Chadwick Boseman
    • Why is this even news?
  • Punisher (48:45)
    • Jon Bernthal believes Season 3 could still happen
  • The Umbrella Academy (51:20)
    • Season 3 officially announced at Netflix
    • 10 episode season
  • Black Lightning (53:30)
    • Spinoff focused on character PainKiller getting a backdoor pilot
    • “Khalil Payne, a man ridden with the guilt of his troubled past from his former life in Freeland City, where, as a super-enhanced killing machine known as Painkiller he was both a member of Tobias Whale’s gang and a weapon of Agent Odell and the shadowy ASA.”
  • Bloodshot (57:45)
    • Sequel in the worlds with Vin Diesel reprising his role
    • Not using traditional model to measure success
  • The Scorpion King (1:00:30)
    • Getting a modern-day reboot with Dwayne Johnson producing

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