“I Say Yes to Everything”: The Adventurous Spirit of Katie Couric


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She’s self-described as “messy” and can play the piano by ear – as long as it’s in the key of C. No, we’re not talking about Katy Perry – Katie Couric is here, she’s caffeinated, and she’s ready to sing for you!

A household name for decades, it only makes sense that after years in broadcast news, Katie has finally taken the entrepreneurial plunge and started her own media company. Excited to tackle controversial issues and educate the public, Katie is taking the reigns as her own boss to share timely stories in her uniquely sympathetic, yet fearless voice.

One of the greatest interviewers of our time, Katie reflects upon the fact that it is the balance between being kind and being tough that drove her career to its success. Now in a new era, Katie continues to inspire women of all ages to ask questions, be fearless, and learn to move gracefully through moments of discomfort.

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Big Ideas

  • The value in bringing positive energy to the workplace. [15:01]
  • Ageism as being socially acceptable, and in contrast, the beauty and gifts inherent in aging. [18:26]
  • The importance of true listening and fruitful communication. [33:05]
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