Stop and Smell the Revenue: Talking Flowers and Fundraising With Christina Stembel


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We’ll address the big question first: Christina Stembel of Farmgirl Flowers really did grow up on a farm. Growing up in northern Indiana, Christina was expected to fulfill her womanly duties as a wife and mother while her brother went off to college. But Christina had other plans. She hightailed it to New York within two weeks of graduating from high school and started working.

Christina did not grow up with a lot of people cheering her on and wishing her success, and that made her strive for it all the more. Over some years and many different ideas, she saw that the floral industry held an opportunity to do exactly what she desired in starting her own business: disrupt the status quo, create scalability, and do good in the world.

While not without its challenges (who knew the floral industry could be so cutthroat?), Christina has scaled from 56K her first year of business to $31 million 8 years later. As Christina fondly says, success is the best revenge.
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Big Ideas

  • Less than 3% of women get funding from venture capital. Discussing the disparity in capital support between male and female founders. [09:36]
  • The value in trusting your instincts. [32:00]
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