Yes WIE Can: Talking Institutional Change with Dee Poku-Spalding


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Dee Poku remembers what it was like when she worked for big movie studios. No need to make her own travel plans, or worry about her computer getting fixed. All that was taken care of; just walk out the door and a car will be there to take you where you need to go.

All that changed when she decided strike out on her own, and it took some adjusting. Dee could no longer let the weight of her employer’s name bolster her confidence. It took time to be able stand tall and tell people about an enterprise they had never heard of. Her self-assuredness grew, however, and Dee saw how people responded to her differently simply by the way she delivered her message.

Today Dee is the founder of multiple ventures aimed at supporting women in business. Her events encourage women to work towards positions of leadership, give them skills necessary to navigate the male-dominated workforce, and let their creativity shine.

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Big Ideas

The payoffs inherent in taking a grassroots approach, calling upon those you know, and creating a greater network to support your movement. [11:40]

The critical importance of raising girls who are comfortable talking about money and asking for what they need. [22:26]

How the term “empowerment” has become problematic. [29:10]

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