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It has long been theorized that cinema wasn't accepted as an art form until pro wrestling graced it with its presence. Welles, Fellini, Godard, Hitchcock, and Kubrick would mean nothing if it weren't for the likes of Santo, Zbyszko, Tor, and Berg. Modern day cinematic kingpins such as Spielberg, Nolan, Scorsese,and Tarantino wouldn't be recognized if it weren't for the efforts of Hogan, Piper, Cena, and Rock. If it weren't for these titans of the ring "slumming" it on the silver screen, it'd arguably still be of the bronze variety to this day. Join me in celebrating the rich history of professional wrestling catapulting cinema to dizzying heights as I embark on this cinematic journey. Through the hallowed halls of Criterion to the musky aroma of grindhouse, it'll all be screened here at the Suplex Multiplex!

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