2.04 How Emma Ryan introduced Goan cuisine to the UK in a compact tin!


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Hooked by grandmother's secret spice blends, part Goan, London resident, Emma Ryan is keen on bringing Goan cuisine to homes across the globe.

Her brand Yesterday's Curry, serves the spice blend of warm, Goan, comfort food, making it easy to create authentic tasting curries from scratch, and is going on to introduce Goan flavours to the UK audience in a DABBA! Find out how Emma got hooked to Goan cuisine without ever visiting Goa! How does she prepare Polle? And how is she researching about Goan cuisines to author her own recipe book?
Tune in to find out!

Travel tip: If you are looking for something sweet, yet healthy try Goan pancakes, Polle!

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Hosted by Clyde D’Souza. He is a creative director who has worked in TV, print, and digital. His book Susegad: The Goan Art Of Contentment captures Goa through conversations, memories, stories, recipes and much more. He lives between Mumbai and Goa and lives the Susegad lifestyle every day! Follow him on Instagram @clydedsouzaauthor.

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