Dr. Anthony Gustin On visiting the Hadza tribe, vegetable oils, keto misconceptions, reconnecting with our food system, & more.


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On today's episode of the podcast, I catch up with Dr. Anthony Gustin.

We chat about everything from his recent trip to observe the Hadza tribe in Africa, the dangers of refined vegetable oils, misconceptions about carbohydrates and the keto diet, how we might not be able to return to our hunter/gatherer roots, but how we can reconnect and regenerate our connection with our health, land, and this planet, and more.

Dr. Gustin is a sports medicine clinician, the founder and CEO of Perfect Keto & Equip Foods, the host of The Natural State Podcast, and the author of the best-selling book, Keto Answers.

His youth on a farm in the midwest and personal health issues led him to this path to find optimal health for himself to inspire others to do the same. Through his new project, Joyfield Farm, he aims to set an example that farming can be done ethically, regeneratively, and most importantly: produce the most nutritious food humanly possible as sustainably as possible.

If you're interested in the intersection of our personal health and planetary health, give this episode a listen.

Learn more about Dr. Gustin on his website and be sure to follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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