Mecha By Da Hour! #BHM - Black Anime Podcasts Founder, Giant Shooty Robots Co-Host, Hip Hop & Mecha Enthusiast, Ash Beardguy, Joins Us To Talk, Creation Of Black Anime Podcasts, Mecha Anime, Music & Much More. | Ep.67


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“After George Floyd’s murder, I felt like I could be doing more with my time and in fandom…” – Ash Beardguy
On this episode we had the Giant Shooty Robots! (formerly Build Casters) co-host, Melanated Mecha Bro and Audio Engineer, Ash Beardguy, as one of our honoured guests as part of our Black History Month series celebrating Black content creators, illustrators, entrepreneurs and weebs in general.

We discuss the following things:

  • How Ash started Black Anime Podcasts?
  • How does he choose who goes into the directory?
  • Do UK black content creators not promote each other as much as our US counterparts?
  • Which anime characters would Ash go to the club with?
  • What kind of mecha anime does Ash like?
  • Has mecha anime really declined in recent times?
  • Is mecha anime just about politics and war?
  • Is Gundam Wing the worst of all the Gundam series?
  • Reminiscing on old anime networks
  • We finish with the Suuuper Anime Quick Fire round!

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The History of Toonami UK by DBZimran — Watch here

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