Could I Get Some Agile On The Side, Please? - Neil Perkin, Consultant


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Neil Perkin is a digital consultant and author who helps businesses move faster. One could call him a jockey. Workshops are his gentle whip. Live from across the road of Web Summit which Neil was not in Lisbon to attend, we discuss Neil's consulting life, his writing, and his blog Only Dead Fish which has gathered a decade of the Internet's favorite strategy posts in one place. Only Dead Fish is also his company's name. The name of his first book is "Building the Agile Business through Digital Transformation". Chat topics: - The consultant life - What makes business change difficult - Why the answers are always inside the company - The power of humility - Writing and blogging for over a decade - Google Firestarters You can find Neil at and * Don't forget to leave a rating or review. Please. ** Want an article? Try "How To Explain An Idea": ---- Internets: New Skillshare strategy class: Articles: Community: Twitter: Instagram:

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