Sweet Mother: Ditch the Guilt and Find Your Joy (a podcast for the African Mum)


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A sweet mother. The mum who puts the cereal box in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. The mum who longs to be meaningfully connected to herself and her family. The mum who loves God. The mum who doesn't have all the answers. The mum who hears the voice of guilt. Most of all, the sweet mother is doing an amazing job better than she even thinks! Join Iffy Chukwu, a mother of four, children's author and a Nigerian mum in London, as she provides "nod along" moments, while unpacking what real life African mothers are really talking about. From new mums to experienced mums. It's all the sweet and messy bits and bobs of parenting, made real. Iffy uses part heart-felt stories, part scriptural verses, to create a quilt of encouragement to help mums let go of the pressure of motherhood and embrace joy. We've had enough of self-doubt, what we need is encouragement in our abilities so that even in our stories, in our journeys, in the ups and downs of life, we can still find joy. This podcast is for the amazing African woman that is inside the mum that knows she doesn't have to be perfect to be a sweet mother. Be sure to subscribe and follow us on instagram @thesweetmother.

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