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Join the Sweet 'N Spicy Chicks podcast community and listen along as we take a hilarious crack at reviewing Historical Fiction movies And TV shows to ultimately help you decide if they are a STUD or a DUD! The first half of the podcast we bring you through a high level overview of the Film/TV series with fun questions that tell you if we recommend watching with parents or children + let you know when we are entering the juicy spoiler zone! Stick around for the second half of the episodes where we dive into all the details of the plot and storyline + create some laugh out loud moments as we offer our comedic opinion on what we just watched! +++ 1-2 Episodes a month we share a BONUS "Get Real" episode where we walk through hot topics in our lives and share a little bit of love, laughter, and encouragement! You don't want to miss all the fun so join us !

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