Want to have a HELLA'GRAND time? Odette is here to tell us how!


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This week SwissPats get a special guest, a two in one - Joe visits us as himself, to tell us about his Drag persona - Odette Hella'Grand. Odette is the best Drag artist in Basel (she has the awards to prove it!) and one of very few drag performers who live and work in Basel. Bringing shows that are suitable for all adults in Basel, regardless of if you're a Swiss native, an expat or a visitor, Odette has thrilled with glitz and glamour while aiming to make Basel's Drag scene an integral part of Switzerlands entertainment circuit - and we at SwissPats think she is doing an awesome job!

To see Odette in show in Basel, head to odettehellagrand.ch where you can click on the links to buy tickets for the Oh G! It's Drag, the Roasting Edition, set to take place on Oct. 9 2020. Or head directly to starticket.ch to book your ticket.

Follow Odette at www.instagram.com/odettehellagrand as well as her friend and makeup artist, fellow drag queen Dita Whip www.instagram.com/ditawhip


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