Synth Zone 053 - 8/19/18


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Synth Zone 053 (8/19/18)
Host: ℞ayzor (Raymond Garcia)
Location: Coalinga, CA USA
Music Tracklist:
Color Theory - The Past Yet To Come
℞ayzor’s Break 1 (Admo – Sparks)
Futurecop! - Nariyeh Thanei (Siamese Youth Remix)
A.L.I.S.O.N - Omni (feat. oDDling)
AIRGLOW - Last Call
Andy Shand - Spacestation Melody
Anoraak – Sleepless
Astral Tales - The Ascent
Beckett – Homewrecker
Bonggita - Counting Stars
Cassette Tape - Space and Time
Cezary Graf & Gianmarco Fabbretti - Poloniex Sax Test
Cyantific - Labyrinth (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
De Lorra - Our First House Was A Basement
DJ Ten - Falling Awake (feat. George Ergemlidze)
El Torden – Serenity
Cezary Graf ft. Vincenzo Salvia - Crypto 2020
Flávio La Barre - French Romance
Impromptu - In The Same Night
King Stephen - The Blood Moon Howling
Jack Simchak - Kings and Queens
Krosia – Thought
Mitch Murder & Megan McDuffee - Into The Night
Morgan Willis - Brand New (feat. Kel)
Neon Nox – Fahrenheit
Nexus-6 – Wish
SAINT PEPSI - Another Guy
Starfarer - Escape Velocity
The Northern Lights - Screaming For Love (feat. Stephcynie)

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