Synth Zone 054 - 8/26/18


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Synth Zone 054 (8/26/18)
Host: ℞ayzor (Raymond Garcia)
Location: Coalinga, CA USA
Music Tracklist:
Tetsuo鉄男 - Cosmic Dust
℞ayzor’s Break 1 (Admo – Sparks)
ALEX - Game Over (Feat. Rachel Mcalpine)
ev.exi – Remember
Arkaeus - L.A. 2084
Big Game Hunter - After Midnight
Bonggita – She
Caspro – Chiliagon
Chris Keya - Purple Martini
Dimi Kaye - The Streets Are Mine
Dream Shore - Inner Strength
Dreamhour - Eat. Snot. Riot (feat. PJ D'Atri)
Elevate The Sky - Race Against Time
℞ayzor’s Break 2 (AEON – Carnival)
Kalax – Moonlit
Ephmerix - The Derelict
FacexHugger - Neon Death
HeartBeatHero - Thriller Synthwave
Hymne - Masters Of Darkness
Introspect - For Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Sven)
Lost Outrider - The Willows
Matthew Jones - Neon Valley
Moonraccoon - Three Laws (feat. Straplocked)
Sayton Spencer - A Night In Miami
Speed Machine - Mechanized Dystopia
CD Atlas - The Future Is Now
℞ayzor’s Break 3 (Afilion – Take A Chance)
NINA – Beyond Memory (Extended Version)

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