Synth Zone 055 - 9/2/18


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Synth Zone 055 (9/2/18)
Host: ℞ayzor (Raymond Garcia)
Location: Coalinga, CA USA
Music Tracklist:
Ollie Wride – Overcome
℞ayzor’s Break 1 (Admo – Sparks)
Dream Shore - Another Time
Crystal Cage - Whispering A Spell
NightmareOwl – Uprising
Aereos - Foxborough Arcade
AM 1984 - Night Riders
Binary Coda – Reflux
Bomarz feat. Kinnie Lane - San Francisco
CJ Burnett - Joy Ride
Crimson Sunset - Awaken Dream (Feat. Rud Jayway)
Cynthlord - Stuck In My Dreams
DELOS - Magic City
Don Dellpiero - Facing The Ultimate Challenge
Edictum – Endeavour
℞ayzor’s Break 2 (AEON – Carnival)
Clone3 - Venture Road (VLNCE Vocal Mix)
Fractal Man - The Glow of All Things
Glenn Main - Yellow Walkman
Judge Bitch - BS10
Lunr1982 feat. George Ergemlidze - Morning Light
Miami Beach Force - Time Flies
Neon Nox – Assassination
Oliver Schmitz & Micah Sherman - In the Sand (feat. Maria Estrella)
POWERCYAN - Space Rock (PYLOT remix)
Slvmber – Vantablack
Solar Storm - Endless Nebula
I-RENA - Journey Of A Hyperdrive Killer
Sub Morphine – Motions
℞ayzor’s Break 3 (Afilion – Take A Chance)
Kavinsky – Odd Look

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