Synth Zone 056 - 9/9/18 (Featuring: NINA)


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Synth Zone 056 (9/9/18)
Host: ℞ayzor (Raymond Garcia)
Guest: NINA
Location: Coalinga, CA USA
Music Tracklist:
ALEX - Hologram Lover (feat. Megan McDuffee)
NINA Interview 1 (Admo – Sparks)
Gunship – Tech Noir
Chris Huggett - Maybe She Loves You (feat. Lilli Janik)
Don Dellpiero - Beyond The Law
Flaming Dingos - Fallin'
Heavy Malyari - Lullaby x Read Hoax (feat. SuziQSmith)
IVERSEN - Crypto Nite (Feat. Cezary Graf)
Kalax – Moonlit
Neon Nox - Risky Fulfillment
SHIKIMO – Zodiac
Sportello – Vigilante
Steve Arrows - MALIBU 1986
NINA Interview 2 (AEON – Carnival)
Empathy Test - Bare My Soul
Sueisfine - Aire Acondicionado
The Louder The Better – Pleasure
Younsou - Point G
ZAYAZ - New Millennium
Neuroc - Sky Command
Sequencer - Home (Vosto Remix)
The Midnight – Shadows
Timecop1983 – Back To You Feat. The Bad Dreamers
Traverse Town – Signs
NINA Interview 3 (Afilion – Take A Chance)
NINA – Diamonds In The Rough

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