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A little fan-craze turned flash fiction length mini story.
`In a downtrodden neighborhood an aging bummer knows something about the most successful prostitute of the area. Or is he merely an envious old fart unable to bear her success & happiness?´
NOTE: All similarities between my fictional Telltale Thrill and real-world Thriller Teller are coincidental and for entertainment purposes only. All positive mentions of Telltale Thrill resembling real-world Thriller Teller are understatements, as I am still just another fan, after all. ;-) The ONLY website with a legal submission of this story is: www.thrillerteller.com !
Stalker Haiku
© Andre M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved
See a lurking foe
Who is too cruel to care
A living nightmare.
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aka = or in other words
ASAP = As soon, as possible
Dunno, pronounced badly herein: Shortage for `I do not know´

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