Episode 31: Marcia Walker


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"That's the magic of Systema - it allows you to dismantle the prison that you've built for yourself...We've all built our own prisons - we've done it to ourselves - and gradually Systema dismantles that for you."
This week, a change of perspective from Instructor to student, as I talk with Marcia Walker - Principal Industry Consultant for Manufacturing at SAS, and Systema student here in NC since 2014.
Here, Marcia talks about her experiences as a woman training Systema; the insight Systema has given her into life, work and relationships; and how Systema has helped her become a stronger and more courageous person.
This month, Marcia will be presenting at the Raleigh Convention Center on the subject of parallels between Analytics and Martial Arts - accompanied by Glenn Murphy and Jeff Sodeman of NC SYSTEMA. Locals - find out more, and register online (for free) here.

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