Episode 40: Andrey Patenko


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"The fight is not just about the fistfight. It's about how you perform, how you prepare, what are your feelings before you start the game - the psychological aspects."
Short conversation with martial artist, master coach, bodyguard and combat tactics trainer, Andrey Patenko.
A lifelong athlete, Andrey came to the USA from Russia more than 25 years ago, after training in competitive boxing and sambo, earning his degree in Physical Culture and Sport, spending several years in Special Opertions (Spetsnaz) Units, and becoming a combat tactics instructor for Russian army and police teams. He began training Systema in earnest after moving to the USA and meeting Vladimir Vasiliev in 1998, eventually becoming one of the strongest and most formidable Systema Instructors in the nation.
Here we discuss how Systema differs from other physical sports, how Systema has influenced his training methodology with professional athletes, and the importance of teaching Systema to kids, through play.
Learn more about training strength, conditioning, firearms, and Systema with Andrey at his private facility in Philadelphia, PA at http://www.russiansystemacombat.com

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