Episode 56: Nelson Wagner


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Conversation with Nelson Wagner - physical educator, martial artist, and chief instructor at Systema Brazil. Having studied a wide range of martial styles - including kungfu, kendo, aikido and krav maga - Nelson was first exposed to Systema in 2003, and became an instructor at the 2008 Summit of Masters event. He now teaches defensive tactics to military, prison, and federal agent groups, along with regular classes at his school in São Paolo. Here, we discuss:

  • his first, friendly impressions of Systema and its masters
  • the universal applicability of Systema to life and relationships
  • instructor tendencies - both good and bad
  • the value of sitting back and letting students solve their own problems
  • similarities between Systema and gymnastic training
  • the necessary balance between stabilization and mobility
    Find out more about training with Nelson at http://www.artemarcialrussa.com.br

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