Epsiode 33: Sergey Makarenko


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"You have all the answers you need already. And that's the value of what we call 'Systema' - it's not knowledge that is injected into you...it belonged to you from the start...it's your birthright."
Anyone who has ever met him will attest: Sergey is a force of nature. A mountainous man with legendary, Samson-esque strength, you might assume he has little need of subtle fighting skills. Yes his skills are as immense as his stature. Sergey is a veteran martial artist - well versed in competitive wrestling, judo, karate, sambo, and other combat arts - and is a powerful practitioner and Instructor of Systema.
He is a highly eloquent and astute observer of martial arts practice, and of what sets Systema apart in this regard.
In this deep and wide-ranging conversation, we discuss the differences and parallels between the most popular martial arts; the primacy of continuous change and development (versus copying and mimicking); the advantages and *dis*advantages of being bigger and stronger than most; and his Systema-mediated recovery from a debilitating spinal infection that threatened his very life.
Sergey will be leading a two day seminar at Systema Greenville, SC on June 15 & 16 2018. Find out more and register online at https://systemagreenville.wordpress.com/events/
See clips of Sergey in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ac21c7TiPw
Learn more about training with Sergey and his group at www.norcalsystema.com

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