72: Nobel Black Holes


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Things we talk about in this episode:

As of 2020, 57 women have won a Nobel Prize (Marie Curie got two — Physics and Chemistry!) That’s 57 — compared to 870 men and 25 organisations. We should celebrate those who have won, and try harder to recognise, encourage and reward women across the sciences — and all facets of human endeavour.

Female Nobel Laureates

The 2020 Nobel Prize announcement video

The Nobel Foundation’s 2020 Physics Prize page

The Physics Nobel Prize since 1901

A short history of black holes

Minute Physics video series on Special Relativity

Royal Institution video introduction to General Relativity

Schwarzschild and his radius

Quasars and AGN

Roger Penrose
Penrose tiling

MC Escher

Escher’s impossible constructions

Star S2 orbiting the black hole at super speed

ESO video of S2’s orbit

Andrea Ghez’s experiment

Reinhard Genzel

Sagittarius A*

Speckle imaging

Active and Adaptive Optics

An article on quantum gravity

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