S9 Ep 16: Ellie Goulding


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After a dramatic start where a door-to-door salesman (not following social-distance guidelines!) threatened to smash through Lennie’s window, we welcomed our most-requested guest Ellie Goulding to Table Manners this week.

Ellie shares her bio-hack veggie lockdown eating must-haves, how to prep for lockdown grocery store queues and her fears of the essential-item trolley police!

We hear the origins of her romance with husband Caspar, her multiple wedding day outfits that saw the singer end up in Vogue for the first time, and missing out on trying her wedding cake or any of the food.

Ellie, you've always been so generous and lovely to me in the old industry and it was a pleasure to chat to you (even with your shit wifi girl). We know our listeners will love you like we do xx

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