Book conventions, cat poetry, & Amazon vs humans


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Not every conversation makes sense, but sometimes they really make no sense. Such is the case in this episode recorded in Birmingham a couple weeks back, where our nadir was reached after a hard day of standing in a conference hall. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Dave's poor defense of Dave Matthews Band
  • Music we'd never let our kids listen to
  • Cat poetry after an impromptu on-air reading
  • Dave's experiences at a recent book convention
  • The pros and cons of getting recommendations from Amazon vs a human being

A few of the books we mentioned on this episode:

As always, thanks to Lagares Roasters for partnering with us to make the Table of (mal)Contents blend. Pick up a bag (or 12) today.

Just for fun: Here's the Trekkers Sketch from SNL Dave referenced.

And the book we gifted Dave on this episode:

Because of course we're going to give Dave something like this.

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