Summer reading, getting fatter & happier, and what not to read on vacation


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It's getting hot outside, which means it's the time of year when many blogs are sharing their annual Summer Reading Lists™, mostly filled with big thick theology books and historical works. Which is… fine. But is that the best way to use your reading time when you actually get to go on vacation? That's what we're talking on this episode over donuts made in my kitchen. Listen in as we get fatter and happier discussing:

  • Two good approaches to summer reading
  • The time Dave watched Jaws before going to the beach
  • If it's a good idea to read on the beach at all
  • The kinds of books you should (and shouldn't) read on vacation
  • The character Aaron wants to punch in the face

Also, when the heck are we going to finally discuss The Notebook?

As always, thanks to Lagares Roasters for partnering with us to make the Table of (mal)Contents blend. Pick up a bag (or 12) today.

Some of the books we mentioned on this episode include:

Bonus content: Weekend Update featuring Buford Calloway (the origin of the "Dixie Champagne" reference)

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