Being Terrible at Patriotism, Canada vs America, & Barnabas vs Avocado Toast


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Fireworks, grilling, and spending time with friends. That's what you do on Canada Day, which happens to be the day we're releasing this episode. Oh, and Independence Day is this week, too, and all the Americans do that same stuff. Except bigger. And more explosive. Because that's how we do it here in America. Thinking about this got us all kinds of patriotic in the studio, and you get to enjoy the benefits. Listen in as we discuss:

  • Which country has a better national anthem?
  • Nicknames for America and Canada
  • Dave reveals his midlife crisis by eating avocado toast
  • How Canada became a sort-of semi-independent country
  • How Canadians learn about America
  • America's dubious history with dealing with issues
  • Books that help us learn about the histories of both nations
  • The problem The West Wing and comedic timing

As always, thanks to our friends at Lagares Coffee Roaster for partnering with us to make the Table of (mal)Contents blend. Order all the bags you can handle today.

A few of the books mentioned on this episode:

Bonus content: Will Ferrell's "Get Off the Shed" sketch.

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