Wiping books out of existence, organizing our libraries, & hurtful words


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We love our listeners—you are as much a part of this show as we are, with your questions, feedback, and more than a little shade that gets thrown at us. On today's episode, we introduce a new way for you to participate in the show with our illiteracy helpline! With the help of Google Voice, we set up a new number for you to call in with your questions, and asked a few of you to test it out. And boy, did you ask some great questions! Listen in as we discuss:

  • How Barnabas' personality lines up with the temperament of a cat
  • What book we would wipe out of existence if we could
  • Which movie based on a book we think are better than the original book
  • How we organize our books
  • What books we didn't expect to like but we wound up really enjoying (or vice versa)
  • A challenge for you: help us get to 100 reviews on iTunes

As always, thanks to our sponsors:

And if you have a question for the show, call our illiteracy helpline at 615-538-7473 and leave us a message. Your question may be featured on a future episode.

A few of the books that we discussed today (that we wouldn't wipe out of existence):

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