Gary Klugiewicz: An Experiential Look at Law Enforcement Training


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Gary T. Klugiewicz is recognized as one of the nation's leading Public Safety Trainers and Instructional Designers specializing in conflict management with four decades of experience.
Gary provides a unique blend of physical expertise, adult learning principles, and communication skills along with the hard earned experience necessary to translate complex physiological, psychological, legal and ethical concepts into understandable terms.
Gary Klugiewicz’s ability to create realistic training programs is without equal. His programs are based on the “guided discovery” concept that allows participants to discover the training concepts in order to reinforce learning principles. In addition, his programs stress professional communication skills and incorporate verbalization skills into every aspect of these training programs.
Gary has channeled all his energies into the development of a control system and conflict management model that addresses the special needs of Public Safety personnel. Coming from a law enforcement background, he is best able to address the complex forces at work within our nation's police, correctional, military, security, mental health and health care organizations.

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