Robert Rail on Interpersonal Relations, Body Language, and Surviving an International War Zone


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Robert Rail is an International trainer for the United Nations Police Task Force and US Justice the police of over sixty nations in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Iraq. His experience came from teaching overseas, but his knowledge has grown from learning from the local police forces he worked with. In this episode you will find an extensive discussion about some of the different training methods and tactics that go into policing around the world. Robert also spends so time offering some tips on body language. But best of all, Robert is a great story teller and shares many from his time abroad.

As an International Officer for the United Nations Police Task Force in, Bosnia and Kosovo, Bob was responsible for designing curriculums and instructing elite police officers from 56 nations who have been deployed in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Jordan, Asia, and Africa. He was also named as a physical confrontation advisor and resource training provider to select personnel of NATO and OSCE (Organization for Security & Co-Operation in Europe). Bob was also a resident instructor at the Specialized Advanced Training Unit of the High Institute of the Baghdad Police College. Bob has an outstanding background of over a quarter of a century of both martial arts knowledge and “on the street” law enforcement experience. He is an internationally respected and acclaimed master instructor. Through all his classes, lectures, presentations and even casual contacts, he displays a constant flow of encouragement, enthusiasm, and instructional humour.

Robert's Book include: Reactive Handcuffing Tactics

The Unspoken Dialogue: Understanding Body Language and Controlling Interviews and Negotiations

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