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This Week Jacques Demoss from Shock Effect shares with us why is important to provide a well-balanced wildlife feed that provides all the nutrient classes in proper amounts to meet your Whitetail needs.

Jacques was also kind enough to include a awesome feed blend for all that listen to this week's podcast see below for the blend.

Feed Blend Recipe

400 Lbs Roasted Soybeans

500 lbs (18-22%) Protein Deer Pellet

45 lbs Soybean Oil

25p Shock Effect Deer Mineral

10 lbs Shock Effect Antler Maximizer Powder

10 lbs Shock Effect Sea-Cal Calcium Powder

3 lbs Shock Effect Xtreme Flavoring Powder

100 lbs Cracked Corn

807 lbs Whole Corn


Mid to Late February through August 15th – Shock Effect Antler Maximizer and Sea-Cal Calcium Supplement at 10lbs per ton each.

August 15th through Mid-October – Shock Effect Equalizer ( 5lbs per

ton) and Sea-Cal Calcium Supplement (10p per ton).

Mid-October to February – Shock Effect Equalizer (5lbs per ton) and Sea-Cal Calcium Supplement (5lbs per ton).

The feed blend is just a suggestion. You can alter or amend it as you see fit as long as the feed you use has our products in it at the proper percentage.

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