Take It Personal (Ep 83: A Tribute to Mafioso Rap)


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Episode 83 is a tribute to "Mafioso" rap. We thought it would be fun to incorporate some of our favorite Sopranos scenes throughout this show to properly pay respects to the lost and limited art of "true" mafioso rap. There is only one Godfather and that is Kool G. Rap, so, naturally Episode 83 is laced with plenty of his best mafia influenced tracks, but we also show love to mid-90s where lyricists like AZ, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, Fat Joe, The Lox, Biggie and Raekwon did the sub-genre the best.

Plus, the crew joins Johnny Calzone in a wiseguy version of name that tune. Crack open a bottle of red, razor slice your garlic, grab some gabagool and remember, leave the guns, take the cannoli's.



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