319 - Titans vs Rams & Titans vs Jaguars


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  • Brice f**kin McCain.(I think we actually played pretty well against a good team. They are just better than us right now)But still. #KeepMccainOffTheField.Beat on the fake punt (luckily it didn’t cost us)Beat on the TDBig PI penalty.Matt in London.
  • (email from game vs. 49ers) This isn't a question, more of a statement, but everybody is completely overreacting. Everyone is blaming Mariota one week and the next week it is the coaches fault. We did not lose this week because of the play call at the end of the game, Mariota is the one who didn't audible. The coaches made the call before the defense adjusted. We can't be going back and forth every week on this discussion. They both are at fault. The offensive coaching isn’t great, but we have won games with this offense, this year when it's at its best.Why is everyone complaining so much right now? We are in legitimate playoff contention right now. It has been a long time since this has happened, let's be excited. When each side of the ball is at its best, they are really really good. Let's be excited about potentially seeing them at their best and if we’re lucky maybe win a game in the playoffs. Let's save the complaining for the off-season, then let's spend our time talking about getting rid of coaches. We have extremely talented players that can beat good teams. Let’s talk about the upside, not the negatives.Trevor
  • Hey Guy, This is unfortunate http://www.totalprosports.com/2017/12/25/titans-fan-now-stuck-with-massive-afc-south-champ-tattoo-after-jaguars-clinched-division-title/ he got it 10mths ago. Can't wait till this week's games over and we can just move on.Regards James
  • I don't know about you guys, but I am super optimistic about this week 17 game. This team is looking really good, we just played a top 5 team to the wire in a game we easily could of won of a few things went our way (onside kick, false start…). We need to stop selling this team short, it is a top 10 team this year when both sides of the ball play well together. I really do believe the titans will beat the jaguars. It is a perfect matchup for us, the jaguars offense depends on the run game for bortles to play well, and the Titans can stop the jaguars run game (especially with fournette probably not playing the entire game). And the Titans have the tackles to slow down the jaguars pass rush, which it makes a lot more difficult for the jaguars elite pass defense to play as well. The titans have 4 wr threats that are as good as the next, which is a huge advantage in this game because of bouye and Ramsey can only cover 2 of them. I believe the titans match-up with the jaguars better than most teams in the NFL and will win by 10+ against a Jaguars team with nothing to play for.Trevor

Talking Points

  • News
    • DeMarco Murray is day-to-day according to the Titans, but it’s being reported that he has a “stage 3 MCL tear” (complete tear)
    • CB Logan Ryan still not practicing
    • Players call for more no-huddle
    • Marcus Mariota is finishing up on the field for the first time in his career
    • Mariota’s throwing style is off
    • Playoff scenarios:
      • Win and in…
      • Lose and both Bills and Chargers lose
      • Tie and both Bills and Chargers tie/lose
  • Titans vs Rams
    • Mariota with another poorly thrown interception
    • Defense played well except on a few plays
    • Great defensive score
    • Inability to stop Todd Gurley
    • Corey Davis bests day (6 rec 91 yds)
    • Titans defense allows 100 yard rushing for the 1st time
    • Offense struggles in 3rd down conversion (3/12)
    • Poor Officiating (letter of apology)
    • Score Predictions:
      • Michael: Titans 21 Rams 28
      • Lindsey: Titans 27 Rams 23
      • Eric: Titans 20 Rams 31
      • Actual: Titans 23 Rams 27

Titans’ Diff

Opponent's Diff

Total Diff

















  • Titans vs Jaguars
    • Jags are promising to play starters
    • Titans will rely almost entirely on Derrick Henry in the running game
    • With the increased success of both Davis and Decker, the Titans should rely more on the intermediate passing game to stretch the field
    • Logan Ryan must play to give the Titans the best chance
    • Derrick Henry will need to run like a bull in a china shop



Pass Off vs Def



Run Off vs Def



Pass Def vs Off



Run Def vs Off



  • How the Titans can win
    • Jump out to an early lead (this would encourage the Jags to take starters out of the game)
    • Do a better job at stopping Fournette than Gurley
    • Convert 3rd downs
    • Must run the ball right at the Jags defense
  • Score Predictions:
    • Michael: Titans 24 Jaguars 21
    • Lindsey: Titans 24 Jaguars 21
    • Eric: Titans 24 Jaguars 20

Stupid Question of the Week

  • Is making the playoffs make this a better season than 2016 even if the Titans are 8-8?

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