Diversity And Inclusion In The Workplace With Dr. Tiffany Jana And The True Meaning Of Leadership With Mike Figliuolo


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Cultural and gender diversity in many spaces, especially in workplaces, have always been challenging in term of acceptance and educating about the realities of this era. Dr. Diane Hamilton interviews Dr. Tiffany Jana about this sensitive subject of diversity and inclusion. Dr. Jana is an Inclusion Innovator, non-binary blue-haired maverick, and the Founder of TMI Consulting Inc. Today, she differentiates sexual orientation and gender identity, and shows how we can navigate spaces with cultural fluency. At the end of the day, our gender identities shouldn’t be an obstacle to our success, and every person has the distinct right to be the human being that they are.
If you want your idea to move forward, you’ve got to make that offer. Today, Dr. Hamilton talks to Mike Figliuolo, the Founder and Managing Director of Thought Leaders, LLC, a professional services training firm, and the author of Lead Inside The Box and many other notable books. Mike talks about his leadership program, crafting decks and stories, and developing pitches that sell. He also tackles how one can handle objections as well as identifying those who will most likely ask questions and object. Learn how Mike helps in the goal advancement of leaders and how self-perception and the awareness of others is crucial in understanding the true meaning of leadership.

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