Fortifying Your Leadership Model with Doug Conant And Investing In The Planet’s Future With Dr. Walter Schindler


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Improving yourself as an individual is challenging enough as it is. That is why it calls for a celebration when achieved. Improving and fortifying your leadership is a whole other challenge as you have other people’s lives on your shoulder. Internationally renowned business leader and New York Times bestselling author, Doug Conant, believes that creating a high trust culture is key to being a great leader. Bearing 40 years of leadership experience at world-class global companies, he talks about his experiences throughout his career as a leader. Learn about the core foundations of leadership that you need to work on as early as you can in order to become effective as a leader.

Climate change has been a hot topic for years. Whether or not you believe it, everyone can agree that the planet’s situation can be improved. Dr. Walter Schindler believes that sustainable and impact investing is the solution to changing the world. He is the Chairman of Transformation LLC, and he joins Dr. Diane Hamilton this episode to raise awareness on the current situation of our planet regarding climate change. He gives his insights on the current mindset people have on the topic and explains why sustainability is the go-to strategy for improving our effect on the environment.

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