The Sociology Of Beauty Pageants With Hilary Levey Friedman And Getting FIT For Business With Sheryl Grant


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We have an interesting relationship with beauty pageants. While in recent times these events have been criticized for exacerbating stereotypes about womanly beauty, beauty pageants remain to be reflective of America’s complicated and ever-changing concept of womanhood. Hilary Levey Friedman has spent a lifetime’s career unlocking this less-studied subject. A sociologist at Brown University, Hilary merged her mother's past experience as Miss America in 1970 with her own experience as pageant judge and a mentor to Miss America 2018. Her conversation with Dr. Diane Hamilton is a deep dive into the intersections between beauty pageants, sociology and feminism that encourages us to take a good, hard second look at what would initially appear to be a frivolous enterprise.

You don’t have to be in Miss Olympia to be a strong woman, but you can certainly learn a thing or two from one who is. Winning the title at 55 years old, Sheryl Grant realized from her experience that her transforming her body began with transforming her mind. With her company, SGE, she uses her signature product, FIT for Business, to empower millions of women around the world to break their self-imposed barriers and develop the tenacity to take what they deserve in life. It is Sheryl’s mission to reach 50 million women all over the globe with her powerful message. Join her as she drops one value bomb after the other in this insightful chat with Dr. Diane Hamilton.

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