Using Humor In The Workplace With Andrew Tarvin


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Who says reaching for your goals has to suck the life out of you? Guest, Andrew Tarvin, believes that you can still have fun while getting better results. In this interview, he talks to Dr. Diane Hamilton about the importance of humor in our daily lives. As the world’s first humor engineer and the author of Humor That Works, Andrew has been improving workplaces with an increase in productivity and creativity and a decrease in employee turnover and stress by using humor as a tool. He shares to us the different ways of using humor at work, identifying where to draw the line, and utilizing improvisation. On the downside of humor, Andrew then talks about its prevailing gender bias and gives some pointers on how to fight that. In a world where a work-life balance has become increasingly difficult to attain, why not make your workplace feel less unbearable and more motivating? A little, if not a lot, of humor can go a long way.

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