How the Court Enlisted Congress to Secure Its Home in the Byron White Courthouse


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On this episode, the Honorable Judge Bobby R. Baldock shares the story of the Byron White Courthouse in downtown Denver, home to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Learn about how the Court enlisted Congress to secure the space and undertook a remarkable renovation.
Please note :
After the initial recording of this episode, Judge Baldock desired to clarify three points for our listeners:

  1. The year construction of the Byron White Courthouse was completed was 1916
  2. Senator Stevens was from Alaska not Arizona
  3. The special bench desired for the remodel of the historical courtroom was found within the Ninth Circuit Court in Montana

The two brochures Judge Baldock talked about are locate here:
Byron White United State Courthouse Brochure 1
Byron White United State Courthouse Brochure 2
Visit the Historical Society Website for more information.

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