Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.09.16


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This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Baltic Honeybadger in Riga - [Day 1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IpZWSWUIVE&feature=youtu.be%3Futm_source%3Ddigg

[Day 2] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ns_I2LpeAbQ&feature=youtu.be?utm_source=digg

- Reminder that browser extensions can be malicious, act accordingly

- Someone is impersonating Matt on Keybase

- Olympus fiat to lightning https://tftc.io/martys-bent/issue-574/

- Sparkswap beta launched https://twitter.com/sparkswap/status/1173588374604537856?s=20

- Square Crypto hires 3 new devs Valentine Wallace, Jeffrey Czyz, Arik Sosman, announces funding for BTCPay https://tftc.io/martys-bent/issue-570/

- Hash rate all time high again - https://bitcoinvisuals.com/chain-hash-rate

- Tor project now using BTCPay - https://donate.torproject.org/cryptocurrency

- Bobby Lee launches horrible product BalletCrypto card that nobody should use

- ColdCard multisig plugin merged into electrum, next official version of should have it ready to go, or just build from official sources today

- Nodl + Samourai edition designs released, preorders soon https://twitter.com/SamouraiWallet/status/1174200358828163072?s=20

- Bisq adds encrypted chat https://twitter.com/wiz/status/1174104040193413120?s=20

- Repo market / Fed cuts rate / QE4?

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