A Few Short Tales on Trans Awareness Week 2022


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This week’s Tale is, moving forwards, an annual topic I’d like to return to each November - as I do spooky things on Halloween and Christmassy things around Christmas. The week this script was written (13-19 November) was Transgender Awareness week. The 20th also marked Transgender Day of Remembrance - a commemorative day, originally in observance of the unsolved hate crime murder of Rita Hester, and subsequently a day to mourn the loss of trans people the world over that year.

Though I try to keep myself out of the tales, as a rule, I see no reason not to tell the tales of other trans people from history once a year - cause Trans Visibility Matters. This year we’re going far back into the timeline to discuss an angry poet, a medieval barmaid, a couple of pagan religious orders, an emperor and a warrior prince/princess…

Sources this week include: I wrote this script largely from memory, but did refer to

This brief write up in the Jewish Virtual Library This Vice Article Adrienne Mayor’s The Poison King I referred to Encyclopaedia Brittanica on a couple of details

And, easily one of my favourite reads of 2022, Janina Ramirez’ Femina.

The blog post of the episode is here.

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