Tales to Terrify 453 Flash Fiction Contest Winners


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Welcome to Episode 453. We have a very special episode this week: the winners of our first Flash Fiction Contest. We have four short tales for you: a woman’s attempt to halt death, a piece of art induces madness, a mother frightened by a scary story, and a dreadful inheritance.

Coming Up

Good Evening: New Faces & Shout Outs: 00:01:06

Dark Travels: Italy’s Poveglia Island: 00:02:51

Runner Up: John Waite’s Exhibit Label as read by Evan Morgenstern: 00:16:27

Runner Up: Frauke Uhlenbruch’s Skin Suits as read by Julia Zelman: 00:24:15

Runner Up: Erica Ruppert’s The Wind, The Sand as read by Drew Sebesteny: 00:32:45

WINNER: Nicola Kapron’s Plague as read by Emily Strand: 00:40:45

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Plague by Arnold Böcklin

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