Talk Funny Episode 53 Nagoyacomedy, Mark Bailey, Steve Howard, Mike Miller, Magician Joe Hindman


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Comedians Mark Bailey, Steve Howard, Mike Miller, and Magician Joe Hindman talk about how Mark's 5th floor hospital memory is a lot like the Niagara Falls routine by Abbott and Costello, Joe the Magician talks about the perils of doing the spike in a bag trick and other near disasters during his dangerous portions of his magic act, Sigfried and Roy's magic act, why AIDS is not a Japanese disease according to the Japanese black van society, brothel stories we have heard from the 10th person tense, Mark talks about tricks he has known, Steve talks about arguing with his wife about Mr. Reindeer in that song about many reindeer, and Joe tells us the most common question magicians get asked. Talk Funny is a show about comedians in Japan from all over the world, working in comedy in Japan, writing comedy, working, doing stand up and getting paid in comedy in Japan. Brought to you by and stand up comic Mark Bailey.

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