Talk Heathen 03.48 2019-12-01 with Eric Murphy & Vi La Bianca


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00:05:36 Antonio - Panama - Has a reasonable argument/hypothesis for the existence of God.
00:24:07 Nicolas - Bahamas - What gives us purpose?
00:30:31 Khuzam - London, UK - Feels lost between being a deist and an atheist.
00:42:05 David - TX - Is belief a choice? Don’t we all believe in something?
00:58:11 Dave - GA - Would like to talk about the Great Commission
01:07:22 John - GA - What sort of evidence are we looking for?
01:21:41 Jai - NC - How do you reconcile new age beliefs with atheism?
01:39:07 Freiby - NJ - There is a way to have absolute certainty
In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Eric Murphy is joined by Vi La Bianca. It’s already December folks, the year is almost up. We are thankful for you and we are glad you are a part of this community!
After a couple of announcements, the calls begin. The first caller is Antonio from Panama. Through the use of psychedelics, he claims visions, extra-ordinary consciousness, and personal experiences during a drug trip prove God. The only proof we received during this call was a very smart kitty, meow meow meow!
Next up, Nicolas from the Bahamas would like to talk about purpose. What drives us to do what we do? We give ourselves purpose and we are influenced by our experiences in life. Listen in to hear Eric and Vi break this all down for him.
The following caller named Khuzam from London, UK is concerned about making the plunge into being an atheist. He knows he is using the special pleading fallacy in still being a deist. It’s incredibly freeing to being an atheist. Come on in Khuzam, the water is fine.
The next caller in the queue is David from Texas wanting to discuss whether belief is a choice. He may also be projecting his experiences and trying to use them as evidence. See Vi and Eric explain how belief isn’t a choice and that everyone isn’t born with an inherent faith.
Next up, Dave in Georgia would like to discuss how the “Great Commission” destroys cultures. He has first hand experience in missionary work and is trying to live that down as a current atheist. It still haunts him to this day. Listen in to how Eric provides great insight on how to get through this.
Afterwards we have a return caller, John from Georgia. He wonders about atheists and the evidence needed to prove God. Also wonders if the answers we are searching for will be answered in the future due to better understanding. It is very possible, that is a great question!
Next in the queue, Jai in North Carolina would like to discuss how to reconcile new age beliefs with atheism. It’s totally ok to have some vestiges of your ritual religions, as long as it doesn’t interfere too much. It’s ok to have this placebo in your secular life.
Our last caller of the day, Freiby in New Jersey would like to talk about absolute certainty and how can we be 100% certain of things. There are variables at play within our reality that make 100% capital ‘T’ truth difficult and we cannot presuppose anything. You can though, operate through degrees of certainty and give yourself permission to live that way.

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