Talk Heathen 03.49 2019-12-08 with Eric Murphy & Vi La Bianca


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00:06:11 Ed - PA - While in prison, was introduced to a racist religion.
00:17:56 David - AR - Is there a transition phase between theist and atheist?
00:31:012 Fred - FL - What is our definition of a Christian
00:53:25 CC - Canada - Former Atheist discusses definitions this week.
01:17:09 Randy - OH - Why not use religion as a placebo?
01:23:31 Kevin - NY - Would like to talk about the Book of Enoch
01:41:36 MurdermanTX - TX - Created the amazing flowchart!
01:45:14 Matthew - VA - Son is coming home with some fundamentalist ideas.
01:51:15 David - Ottowa - Faith in 12-step programs
Happy December Heathens! In this episode of Talk Heathen, Eric Murphy is joined by Vi La Bianca. Prepare yourselves for an awesome show!
The first caller is Ed from Pennsylvania. He was introduced to a racist white supremacist religion while in prison. He called in to talk about it and in looking back at how horrible it was. We are glad you’re out man, thanks for calling!
Next up, David from Arkansas. He is a repeat caller and is on the journey of deconversion. Is there a process in leaving religion? Oh yeah there is, and it awhile to get through it. We are all different in how long and which path it takes. Tune in and watch Eric and Vi talk about this process.
The following caller named Fred from Florida is curious about our description of what a Christian is. He follows up his question with the biblical definition and how it relates to how Eric and Vi answered this question. Tune in to see what happens next, it’s fascinating.
He’s back… The next caller in the queue is “Clearly Canadian Catholic” (again) from Canada wanting to discuss how his view changed from “inner circle atheist” to deeply devoted Roman Catholic. He has called multiple times in the last couple weeks, you may recognize his speech patterns. Listen in to hear both hosts try to pin down his “reconversion” story.
Next up, Randy in Ohio is questioning whether religion is a placebo and do we suffer under a placebo effect. Watch and see how Eric and Vi break this down.
Afterwards we have Kevin from New York. Believes there is science within the ancient Book of Enoch and that it also describes black holes. Discussion ensues about this, a quick highlight: today I found out Eric is Spiderman. Tune in to find out if this is true.
Up next is MurdermanTX from TX. He created the flowchart to help figure out where the arguments CC brings up go and where they are likely to head. An easy way to track especially for us visual folk. Thanks dude!
Next in the queue is Matthew in Virginia, who questions how to deal with his son who has been coming home from school with some very disturbing ideas about hell and fundamentalist ideologies due to a friend at school. Listen in to hear how Eric and Vi help him understand where to go with this.
Our last caller of the day, David in Ottawa would like to discuss faith in 12-step programs. There are a lot of good secular programs out there to help. Here’s some great resources: and

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