Talk Heathen 04.46 11-15-2020 with Eric Murphy and Vi La Bianca


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Greetings Heathens! Are you ready for another episode of Talk Heathen? Prepare yourself, here it comes! In today’s episode of Talk Heathen, Eric Murphy is joined by Vi La Bianca. #LaMurph
Let’s get to calls! Nick in Wisconsin would like to talk about how folks in lockdown are able to survive a lockdown financially. He keeps repeating the same question and doesn’t sound willing to go outside his echo chamber for an answer.
Jordan in California is up next, he wonders what epistemic grounding to start with and what position would be most consistent to have. Vi asks a very important question: Are you expecting to have absolute certainty about what is true in the world?
Chrys in Pennsylvania, is curious if we think Lazarus and the Bishop of Cyprus were the same person and has a thesis/script written down he would like to read. Why should we care? Why is this relevant? He uses circular logic from the Bible to justify this was a historical supernatural event.
Charles in Pennsylvania would like to share why he still believes in God. He goes into a very long story about the internet, highly unlikely things, and probability. He was thinking of his grandfather and saw a picture of him on Ebay. There was also a car… a Ford Fairlane in this post? I am so lost, but these highly unlikely things don’t mean a God is real in any way.
Brian in Georgia is curious about how to get past folks who tie their beliefs to their emotions. Eric and Vi respond how they understand the question: I am what I believe. They also equate their ideas with who they are and their identity.
Bryana in Indiana would like to talk about how her family makes fun of her religious trauma behind her back and how she is struggling with being alone during the holidays. I am so sorry, Bryana. That is definitely not ok. Good luck with what you decide to do, we are here for you.
Up next, Dizzy in California is an Atheist and can’t decide if it is ethical to attend church to challenge the other members with skepticism and questions. Ooooh, good question!
Sandra in Texas has recently disconnected from her family because of her beliefs, or lack of beliefs. She has a couple reservations about experiences in her life she would like to discuss as well. You’re awesome Sandra! Keep on keeping on!
That’s our show for this week, please continue to be safe in your area, wear your mask, social distance, and stay healthy. The world is better with you in it. See you next week!

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